‘Spark Joy’

Howdie friends!

Like many people, I got sucked into watching Marie Kondo on Netflix. If you haven’t seen her Netflix show, or don’t have Netflix, or just don’t know who the heck she is, Marie Kondo is the queen of tidying up and known for creating the KonMari Method. This method can be summed up in four words, “Does it spark joy?” If not, then let it go. If so, keep it. If you’re ready to downsize or de-clutter areas of your life, I highly suggest watching her show or reading her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

Why did I bring the act of tidying up? Well, I’ve decided to move parts of my personal blog to a new site; a tidying up of this virtual space. I started this blog back in 2011 and it’s constantly evolved over the years. Originally just a blog, it’s shifted to a personal website to include my professional work and it’s shifting again. The birth of my daughter and my adventure into parenthood was the catalyst for this shift.

Excitingly, this new site is a joint project my partner-for-life and I are kicking off — a website to share our family adventures with you. We hope that you’ll join us at our new address — E and D Sitting in a Tree (and take a moment to subscribe). We’d love to continue sharing our vacation tips and tricks, family photos, and parenting stories with you all!!!

As for this virtual neck of the woods, I’m still keeping this site active as it was my first ‘baby’ and it’s near and dear to my heart. I’m simply shifting it back to professional work and personal hobbies. You’ll still be able to check out my ‘It’s what’s for #dinner’ posts here and once in awhile I might share some political musings with you.

Thanks so much for following my blog over the years and reading my posts. I hope that this site and our new site will continue to spark joy.

‘Til the next time.
– E