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Be Kind, Always. Part Deux.

Be kind, always. Be kind, always. Be kind, always. Two years ago, I wrote a post urging folks to remember to be kind to everyone. When D and I found out that we’re expecting, I was crushed. Crushed because we’ll be raising our child in a strange new climate… One that erases “kindness”. I never thought that hate, separation, deportation,… Read more →

Not a Size 2

Body image struggles are a pain. As a child I was often chided by family and peers about my weight. As a fifth grader I weighed 125lbs. I was also 5’3″ – taller than all of my classmates (with the exception of a few boys here and there) – with boobs and menstruating monthly. What can I say, I was… Read more →

Be Kind, Always.

Be kind, always. Be kind, always. Be kind, always. I think as we get older, we forget that we need to be kind. Always. Working in different job sectors – non-profit, independent contractor, and retail – there is one thing I see every day, all day, any day. And that is unkind people. Sometimes we call them rude. Sometimes we… Read more →

A few of my favorite things

Some days I struggle. Struggle to get out of bed. Struggle to get motivated. Struggle to get energized about life. I just struggle. In the past year and a half I significantly decreased my work load to spend necessary time working on myself. Loving myself. Healing myself. Taking care of myself. After working at full speed for four years, I… Read more →

Moment in Time

D and I have been together for what some folks might call, a REALLY long time. We’re constantly being asked when we’ll settle down, have some kids, maybe raise a dog or two, and live in a nice home with a picket white fence. And sure some days, it’s nice to dream about all of those wonderful things, but most… Read more →

Positive Affirmations

Some days you just need an ounce of positivity. You dig deep, trying to find that one thing at the very bottom of the barrel that can help you make it to the next day. Sometimes we find ourselves defeated, lying on the couch under a comfy blanket and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. As if positive energy is… Read more →

Sad [All the Time]

Today, I’m choosing to be brave and share with you that I’m fighting depression. Honestly though, I hate talking about myself. I hate putting myself out there in a vulnerable position for people to criticize me, look down on me, or even feel sorry for me. I would rather people talk about themselves. It makes them feel happy and you… Read more →