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Revisiting “Non-White”

I heard it again. I heard the term “Non-White” on an NPR podcast. (Shame on you, NPR for not getting “it”.) I cringed. Yes, once again, I cringed so bad I couldn’t contain myself. I recently asked a girlfriend of mine on how she felt about being called “Non-White”. She says she gets furious whenever she hears “Non-White”. That she… Read more →

Us vs. Them

Why is it so hard for us to move forward? “Us” as in society. “Forward” as in living in a time of equality, equity, and fairness. Why is it difficult for us to acknowledge the existence of each other? “Acknowledge” as in acceptance and recognition. “Existence” as in reality of today’s demographic landscape of America. How did we fail in… Read more →


My ancestors fought and crawled from the mucky waters of an island to the land of the free. And still you call them “non-white”. They slaved away dreaming of all the positive possibilities for their children and their children’s children. And still you call them “non-white”. They tilled the land until their hands were crusted and raw like the dirt… Read more →

Too what??? The Problem of Being a Woman

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. I’ve been thinking a lot about being a woman over the past few weeks. It started with this video. Each morning after watching this, I’ve been contemplating over life and the pursuit of happiness with my morning coffee. I guess you… Read more →

Oh, politics…

I didn’t decide early on in life that politics was a career I’d pursue or even a path I’d cross. I didn’t care as deeply as some and I admit, even today, I feel out of place in the progressive world. My peers often make me feel like I haven’t lost enough, haven’t fought enough, haven’t spoken out enough. Plainly,… Read more →

Santa’s Movers & Shakers

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Or maybe not so much. Despite the fact that the unemployment rate has dropped to 7%, there are still millions facing financial hardships during this holiday season. From picking up food items at the local food bank to relying on Toys for Tots to provide that single gift to their child, American families are… Read more →

Power of Color

Let me first open this blog post up with a positive – Happy Filipino American History Month! And Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! Here are some interesting Filipino-American and Latino-American reads. Bet’cha didn’t know that ‘boondocks’ originated from a Tagalog word, or that the first admiral of the US Navy was a Spanish American. Now you know. Onto more pressing… Read more →

This Labor Day

Remembering the Roots of Labor Day This week was monumental. Thousands of people – young and old – congregated in Washington D.C. for a week-long celebration of the 1963 March on Washington and the life and dreams of MLK Jr. Hopefully many of you partook in the festivities, and had the opportunity to re-fuel your fire to keep fighting for… Read more →

Hope’s Anger

I’ve noticed that I’m always angry. More so now than as a young college student. Though it could be possible that my temperament is biological (I come from a long line of hot-headed Filipino men and women), I don’t think my anger is possible without significant triggers. Over the past several weeks, these triggers have bombarded my inbox, Facebook and… Read more →

Student Loan Rates

Student Loan Rates Are Too Damn High! If you read my last student loans rant and you liked it, here’s similar posting for you. It’s time to get real. I’m a 20-something, second-generation, first-born AAPI woman. My parents never went to college. When it was time for me to fly the coop and obtain that “American Dream”, I did what… Read more →