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Our First Family Vacation

It’s been almost 3 months since our first family vacation and I’m still smitten about it. Lil Bean got a chance to meet so many Disney characters. My parents and D’s parents got their first taste of Disney World. And D and I made some wonderful memories with our baby girl. It was magical and I can’t wait to go… Read more →

Disney World with a Baby

The House of Mouse takes our money every even year. And we don’t mind. No, seriously. D and I love Disney World. We love Florida. We love vacations. So we budget well, and we make it happen. This year we went above our typical “you and me” getaway and included our daughter and our parents! That’s right. Our first family… Read more →

Disney World Tips

Let’s get down to business… to defeat Disney World!!! Hehehe. Call us freaks. Nerds. Geeks. Fans. Enthusiasts. Devotees. Aficionados. Whatever. We really enjoy our trips to Disney World and Disneyland over the years. I know I’ve shared this before but fun fact: I’ve pretty much been to a Disney park each year of my life. With all of the trips… Read more →

Rewind to Our Unwind

Before even going to the Democratic National Convention in Philly this year, I knew D and I needed another vacation. For D, he hit a major professional roadblock. He was trying for a good portion of the year to move us back to California by seeking a promotion in one of the Marriott hotels in Southern California. For me, I… Read more →

Moment in Time

D and I have been together for what some folks might call, a REALLY long time. We’re constantly being asked when we’ll settle down, have some kids, maybe raise a dog or two, and live in a nice home with a picket white fence. And sure some days, it’s nice to dream about all of those wonderful things, but most… Read more →

D.C. Favorites

Fall is here. Red and golden brown leaves everywhere. Nice, cool, breeze on a daily basis. The emergence of coats, scarves, and caps each way you look. It is a beautiful season. I was lamenting to D how Fall in Southern California isn’t as prominent as I’d like, and that I’d miss the changing seasons if and when we leave… Read more →

Our 2014 Vacation

Vacation days are meant to be used!!!! If you haven’t used any vacation days, you’re well on your way to hating your job, your life, your situation, everything. No joke. I grew up believing that hard work pays off. It does, but it doesn’t. You can work 12 hr days, churn out paperwork like a queen bee, exceed expected requirements,… Read more →

A Vegas Wedding

Let me tell you, my friend Crystal is AMAZING. I love her (like totally love her) and deeply cherish our friendship – which is filled with milk tea, lavender bacon ice cream, and a Korean bbq obsession. When Hung told me he was going to propose to her at his nursing school graduation, I was beyond ecstatic for the both… Read more →

Virginia Beach

Every year D and I end up going somewhere new. It’s become sort of a tradition. Especially if D is off for three days straight. This year, when the opportunity presented itself in August, we packed a bag and ran out the door to explore Virginia Beach. I should preface that we selected Virginia Beach because I spent the entire… Read more →