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Moving Back to California

After nearly a decade in the Washington D.C. area, D and I picked up our lives and moved back to California in November 2017. You’re probably wondering why such a late update!? Well, I just got busy… Motherhood, ya know? We found out we were leaving Virginia/D.C. a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. The move happened so quickly, I don’t think… Read more →

We Moved!!!

Yes, we moved… Again!!! Haha. Ya’ll remember me griping about how much I hate moving from last year, right? Yeah, well we went through the pain and agony of moving again this year AND, at the time, I was 28 weeks pregnant. We’re crazy. So where did we move to, you might ask? We decided to head out of D.C.… Read more →

D’s Dirty 30

I’ve know D since he was 9 years old. We both were goofy looking, with huge glasses, and awkward gaps in our mouths. Fast forward 21 years and D’s my partner in crime. We’ve also outgrown our goofy looks, huge glasses, and awkward gaps in our mouths! Thank goodness. Haha. For his 30th birthday, D wanted to take a little… Read more →

Great Falls Park

D and I recently took a few day trips out of DC. You know, get out of town to clear the mind and do something good for the soul. One of the last times, we ventured out to Great Falls Park in Virginia. And you guys, it’s gorgeous out there! **I should preface that the day trips have become more… Read more →

Jamestowne in May

Derek’s parents were in town this past week and it was their first time visiting us since we moved here to D.C. Wanting to give them the best of the best time here, we crammed a lot of sightseeing into their 8 days with us. Yummy foods, monuments, memorials, tours, etc. I think we wore them out, honestly. In addition… Read more →

D’s Birthday

D’s birthday was a month ago. I know, I’m late blogging about it. I have no excuse… Just like my birthday, we had a week-long celebration for D’s – taking a short trip out of town to Williamsburg and throwing a dinner party for him with friends. Williamsburg is probably one of our favorite getaways besides Florida. It’s close enough… Read more →

Virginia Beach

Every year D and I end up going somewhere new. It’s become sort of a tradition. Especially if D is off for three days straight. This year, when the opportunity presented itself in August, we packed a bag and ran out the door to explore Virginia Beach. I should preface that we selected Virginia Beach because I spent the entire… Read more →