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Moving Back to California

After nearly a decade in the Washington D.C. area, D and I picked up our lives and moved back to California in November 2017. You’re probably wondering why such a late update!? Well, I just got busy… Motherhood, ya know? We found out we were leaving Virginia/D.C. a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. The move happened so quickly, I don’t think… Read more →

We Moved!!!

Yes, we moved… Again!!! Haha. Ya’ll remember me griping about how much I hate moving from last year, right? Yeah, well we went through the pain and agony of moving again this year AND, at the time, I was 28 weeks pregnant. We’re crazy. So where did we move to, you might ask? We decided to head out of D.C.… Read more →

Moving… again!

I absolutely loathe moving. I’ve done it several times as an adult, and I’m at the point that one more move will probably break me. But hear me out!!! This streak of endless moves started in college. My dad went berserk one day after I told him my proposed living situation; I’d spend the week days at my aunt’s house… Read more →

Cherry Blossom Season

I really like being able to experience seasons. Back in California we got a dry season and a rainy season. Pretty much all we ever get. But living in DC I’ve been able to watch the leaves turn bright yellow and red, the first snowflake fall, and the tiny buds bloom into beautiful blossoms. I think of all the seasons,… Read more →

Moment in Time

D and I have been together for what some folks might call, a REALLY long time. We’re constantly being asked when we’ll settle down, have some kids, maybe raise a dog or two, and live in a nice home with a picket white fence. And sure some days, it’s nice to dream about all of those wonderful things, but most… Read more →

Cherry Blossoms 2015

Quick update: I’m on day 5 of my Whole 30. The first few days were rough… I was scrambling to figure out a meal plan for the week, but I think I have a handle on things now. With D’s schedule, I eat dinner alone most nights. So I’ve been making the leftovers his lunch for the next day. It’s… Read more →

D.C. Favorites

Fall is here. Red and golden brown leaves everywhere. Nice, cool, breeze on a daily basis. The emergence of coats, scarves, and caps each way you look. It is a beautiful season. I was lamenting to D how Fall in Southern California isn’t as prominent as I’d like, and that I’d miss the changing seasons if and when we leave… Read more →

Mom’s Visit to the District

My mom recently visited me for two weeks in May. I know, some folks think two weeks is a really, really, long time. But it went by like a flash and we had fun sightseeing and eating. Parents have that weird sixth sense that some thing’s not right with their child. Whether it’s knowing that they are sick or feeling… Read more →