We Moved!!!

Yes, we moved… Again!!! Haha. Ya’ll remember me griping about how much I hate moving from last year, right? Yeah, well we went through the pain and agony of moving again this year AND, at the time, I was 28 weeks pregnant. We’re crazy.

So where did we move to, you might ask? We decided to head out of D.C. (sadly) to get more bang for our buck. Seeing we’re gaining an additional heartbeat and two little feet in May, we ventured out to Northern Virginia. The weeks before the move, I was pretty upset about leaving my urban lifestyle. I even begged to cancel the whole thing. But D, as the voice of reason, kept reminding me that though a party of two can survive in a cozy 1-bedroom apartment, we probably wouldn’t be able to squeeze it with a baby. (Sigh, he’s *probably* right…)

Farewell, DC digs!

Despite my fears, living in Alexandria isn’t all that bad. I see lots of families everywhere we go. At the local eateries, there are lots of young professional moms and dads with their strollers and toddlers in tow. All of that somewhat eases my anxiety. Except when I start to think about transportation and the lack of accessible parks nearby… Argh.

I enjoyed living in D.C. purely because of the walkability and flexibility I had. I wasn’t tied down to a car and if I needed a set of wheels I could rent a Car2Go to get me where I needed to be. Unfortunately, living in Virginia means needing a car. Granted, we DO have a car. (We did a 4-day mad dash during Thanksgiving week last year. I still have yet to write about it… Sorry!)

Now sharing the car!! That is rough. Especially when we both need to be somewhere not even remotely close to one another. It could be worse though, so I’m counting it a win that we even have a car to begin with.

Back to our move. Oh, moving. Each move I keep saying that we have too much stuff. But this move made me painfully aware of how much stuff we have. Like 28 weeks pregnant painfully aware. We have A LOT of stuff… The amount of things we’ve collected over the past seven years together is INCREDIBLE.

I’ve spent a little bit of each day going through our items and putting together toss, keep, and donate piles like it was my side hustle. We’ve gone to Goodwill twice with a third trip building in the living room. Much of it clothes. Some furniture pieces that don’t quite work in our apartment now. Some just random things like stuffed animals, dollar store picture frames, waterproof cases for iPhones that we no longer own any more, books that I’ll never read again, etc. JUST SO MUCH STUFF. AND we’re still unpacking!!! I have no idea where some of our things will go, but I’m really praying that all this organizing, purging and then reorganizing gets done before Lil Bean gets here.

Anyone else purge their home? Is it something that you do regularly? Though I can’t promise this because it might change with Lil Bean in our lives, I’d like to purge items twice a year and at least once a year if possible. D and I used to do a winter closet purge but clearly we need to do more than just our closets. =/

‘Til the next time.
– E

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