About Me

I’m the daughter of Filipino immigrants and a Southern California native whose spent nearly a decade in Washington D.C. My experiences and my family’s experiences greatly shaped my political interests and started my journey into social justice and to empower others.

I previously served as the Political Director to PowerPAC+ — a political action committee focused on supporting progressive candidates. As a new organization, I played a major role in its formation by building the technical infrastructure, development programs, and candidate recruitment processes. Prior to I was the Deputy Political Director for PowerPAC.org, a social justice advocacy organization whose mission is to empower underrepresented communities. Today, I am continuing my work with PowerPAC.org as the Political Director — implementing our campaign programs and fundraising strategy.

I am a proud alumna of American University, holding a BA from the School of Public Affairs, as well as a graduate of their Campaign Management Institute, Women & Politics Institute, and WeLEAD leadership program. I currently reside in the Los Angeles area with my partner of 9 years and our 1-year old daughter. In my spare time I like to travel (including visits to Disneyland/Disney World), try new recipes, and blog.