When you wish upon a star…

… your dreams come true.

Well, maybe…

I think I’ve already shared how much I love Disney. I love Disneyland. I love Disney World. I love Pixar movies. I simply love Disney. Something about that company – it makes you believe in fairy tales and happily ever after. It’s silly, but sometimes you need to revert back to an age where magic felt real – even for just a day. To come back to a time you believed anything was possible and that you were able to make it happen. That’s what I enjoy about Disney.

So on our recent trip to California, D and I thought it would be a wonderful idea for our families to join us in celebrating my brilliant birthday at the happiest place on Earth, as well as meet each other for the first time EVER. Great idea right? Eh, wrong. I would be lying if I didn’t say that the whole trip was a mega huge messy ball of knotted twine. Our families are just crazy. But then again, whose family isn’t? No amount of pixie dust, dancing, singing, or mouse ears could have made the day a dream come true.

To start off, we arrived fairly early in hopes to be at the front of Main Street, but like most Filipinos, some of our party members were late. And hey, that was fine by me. I had an inkling that we weren’t going to be running on time. I mean, we’re genetically predisposed to tardiness. However, once we were finally in the park, my father suddenly revert back to a disgruntled teenager, unamused by the magical kingdom that was bestowed to him. We lost him twice, because I’m convinced he wanted to be the center of attention. And he failed to communicate where he was going which led us waiting for his return for 45 minutes… On top of that, we constantly missed meeting up with Derek’s parents. We tried to meet them for lunch, but that didn’t work out. And we tried again to meet up to go on some rides, but my dad disappeared on us. In total, I think my parents and his parents spent no more than 3 hours together. I stopped caring at about 3-4 pm, and just started drinking, because hey, at the end of the day, there was nothing that two beers and a bottle of wine couldn’t fix. (Can I get an amen?)

As I look back at the photos, I have to admit it wasn’t THAT bad. In fact, it could have gone much, much worse. (My father could have turned into a two year old toddler… Oy vey.) Since this was their first time meeting each other, I’m giving it a C. C is passing right?

‘Til the next time.
– E

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