Cherry Blossom Season

I really like being able to experience seasons. Back in California we got a dry season and a rainy season. Pretty much all we ever get. But living in DC I’ve been able to watch the leaves turn bright yellow and red, the first snowflake… Read More »Cherry Blossom Season

Us vs. Them

Why is it so hard for us to move forward? “Us” as in society. “Forward” as in living in a time of equality, equity, and fairness. Why is it difficult for us to acknowledge the existence of each other? “Acknowledge” as in acceptance and recognition.… Read More »Us vs. Them

D’s Dirty 30

I’ve know D since he was 9 years old. We both were goofy looking, with huge glasses, and awkward gaps in our mouths. Fast forward 21 years and D’s my partner in crime. We’ve also outgrown our goofy looks, huge glasses, and awkward gaps in… Read More »D’s Dirty 30

Bahama mama

I wish I was sipping on one right now. Ah, a delicious Bahama mama. A few weeks ago I posted about our recent decision to visit the Bahamas in January. It was a bit spontaneous considering we didn’t officially know we were going until a… Read More »Bahama mama

To travel is to live.

I renewed a promise to myself this year. That I was going to travel as much as possible. It’s not a new year’s resolution but a long-term commitment with my inner being that I need to keep. Far too often I’ve put my wanderlust aside… Read More »To travel is to live.