Introducing Legaci

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent you can find on YouTube. Raw, undeniable, unbelievable, beautiful talent. From dancers to spoken artists. From singers to even makeup artists. There are many gifts to be seen on YouTube. Take these guys for example.

I’ve been rooting and talking about Legaci for the last year now. It all started when YouTube suggested I look at one of their videos. Intrigued by the fact that YouTube suggested an Asian group, I clicked and gave them a listen. Soon after I found myself googling around in a frenzy. My mind racing with questions. Who are these dudes? What are their names? Where’s their C.D.? Why don’t they have a C.D? Someone sign them to a record label so I can get their music please?

Needless to say, I was super impressed. Their voices travelled through my speakers into the surrounding air around me like silk ribbons. Smooth. Clean. Tight. That was how I described their harmonies. If you’re dazzled by this video, search around for a few of their a cappella skits. They’ve got beatboxing down too! Seriously.

Now, sit back and listen. Take a break with a bit of Legaci. Close your eyes and just listen to the amount of emotion you can feel from their voices. They might just be Justin Bieber’s back-up singers today. But I see them being much more. I think someone out there might give these Filipino boys a chance to outshine and outdo, hopefully, soon. The music world could use a few more Asian-Americans representing a culture that is just as proud to be creative and artistic. Take that as “model minority”.

‘Til the next time

Download their new single “All Day” on iTunes! Click here.