I love that I have a sibling. My brother is everything I’m not and that makes my life that much more wonderful. I’m an idealist. He’s a realist. I’m the over-achiever. He’s just happy to get things done. I’m the thinker. He’s the talker. We’re complete opposites and we’ve given our parents more than a fair share of headaches from our squabbling during our younger years. My parents must be relieved that we’ve grown out of that phase. But even with all the “I hate you”,”You’re annoying”, and “Leave me alone” I love having a sibling.

These lovely gals, Ivana and Jessica (or VanJess24 –> subscribe to their channel!) have to know where I’m coming from. This video is of two sisters with so much soul and swag I have seen on a video to date! All I have to say is, work it, yes and please! I love, love, love, how much sass they’re showing and how much fun they are having with this song. Makes me want to get up and start doing my thing too. Maybe when I’m out of my office though. Don’t need officemates staring at me. I might even ask my brother if he’d be down.

‘Til the next time,