Planned Parenthood: Victim of Villainy

ContraceptivesI dislike that parts of society bastardize contraception. What I want to know, is why do they care so much? I mean, let’s look at this a bit. Why is it that there are no restrictions for a man to get condoms but there are for women getting birth control? Why is that employers can remove contraceptive coverage from medical health care packages but keep Viagra coverage? And why do women have to pay out-of-pocket for it? Even though women have elevated themselves and entered the work force in mass quantities, we’re – on average – making 70 cents to every dollar a man makes. We make less AND getting gypped medically? Oh, hell no.

But ultimately, I want to know why are people meddling with the reproductive rights of a woman? It is her choice. And her choice alone. Your nose does not belong in it. Just like my feet do not belong walking on your private property and my hands do not belong in your financial savings.

I have a dog in this fight and she’s a mean one. You see, in college, I was kicked off of my parents’ medical insurance once I hit 22. I purchased my university’s student insurance but was kicked off when I graduated 6 months later. For two years, I had no health insurance. Granted I’m young, so health might not have been a big problem. What ended up a problem was the lack of receiving breast exams, pap smear exams, and birth control. This is the #1 reason why I love Planned Parenthood and continue to urge young women to visit them. I was unemployed. I was uninsured. The only place I could get services on a sliding scale was Planned Parenthood. That was my only security net and for many other women, that is their main source of OB/GYN and general care.

Imagine if your daughter found herself unemployed and uninsured. Where can she turn to? Where can she go to make sure she’s healthy? Where can she get medical services without having to decide whether to forgo paying rent on time? As long as Planned Parenthood is around your daughter and many other daughters caught in her predicament can find care. If you have a urinary tract infection, think you might have a lump in your breast, or want to make sure you’re not carrying HPV, Planned Parenthood will see and treat you. They are more than what the villains portray them to be.

Those villains will tell you that using birth control is some sort of sacrilege. They will tell you that Planned Parenthood is evil because it provides birth control and even abortions. They will go to great lengths to de-fund Planned Parenthood just because of this. But what if I told you, that birth control is also used for those diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? If someone is taking it as a medication to normalize her hormones because of PCOS, is that still sacrilege? And again, if someone chooses to take it because she doesn’t want children, that is not any of your business. If this is to ensure that teenagers are not having sex, then you’ve got this all wrong. Teenagers will have sex. They just won’t have the protection to prevent teen pregnancies. You can toot your horn about abstinence-only education will do the deed, but statistics show that abstinence-only education does not detract teens from sex.

Most importantly – you villains out there – it is not your right to take away funding to an organization that provides medical services that can help detect HPV, cervical cancer, breast cancer, and other health problems in women. You are willing to rid the United States of an organization that might be your daughter’s saving grace because they detected early stage cancer in her left breast. You are willing to rid the United States of an organization that will provide your niece with a pap smear and ultimately detect cervical cancer cells. You are willing to leave hundreds of thousands of women out to fend for themselves. Do you think Jesus would approve? Do you think Buddha would approve? Do you think Allah would approve?

This week’s Villain award goes to SUSAN G. KOMEN for failing to realize what Planned Parenthood ultimately does for women. It’s shared with the countless Americans who continue to bastardize the good work that Planned Parenthood provides.

And to Planned Parenthood, thank you for standing up for my sisters and I; providing us with excellent care. You are ever-strong and I support you always.

‘Til the next time. – E

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