Two Years

Our Two Year Anniversary

Derek and I have known each other since we were nine years old, having the same third grade class taught by Mrs. Mansfield. We were itty, bitty, beans. He was a newly transferred student. I was the teacher’s pet, the perfectionist. Who knew 15 years later, we would meet up again, rekindle our friendship, and start an amazing life together. I could not have asked for a better fairy tale. Who else can say they’ve known their significant other since they were wee lambs? When I left California for my current job in Washington D.C., he made a choice to join me. Moved here with one checked bag and never looked back. I’m grateful for it, because he is indeed my Prince Charming.

My friend Crystal mentioned that she and her partner, Hung, had a bucket list. Thinking it was a brilliant idea, Derek and I devised our own bucket list with destinations and activities — not in any particular order. For our two year anniversary, we decided to check off number 18, Disney World. Here are a few of our pics from an amazing trip. Enjoy!

‘Til the next time,