Virginia Beach

Every year D and I end up going somewhere new. It’s become sort of a tradition. Especially if D is off for three days straight. This year, when the opportunity presented itself in August, we packed a bag and ran out the door to explore Virginia Beach.

I should preface that we selected Virginia Beach because I spent the entire summer mentioning beach trips I used to take during the summers in California. In other words, I was homesick all summer long. After living in DC for over 5 years now, you’d think I’d be used to the distance.

Our first full day in the area, I pestered D to wake up so we could spend a few hours on the beach. I knew he wanted to sleep in, but I also knew we wouldn’t have much fun under the sun if we didn’t get out the door by 10 am. The moment we arrived, I took in all of the salty coastal air. I relished how the humidity made my hair extra ‘beach’ wavy. I dug my hands and feet deep in the sand and just fell in to that moment of happiness.

I hope next year we’ll have another chance to recharge our batteries with crashing waves and fine sand.

Trip Highlights