What is WeLead
WeLEAD is bipartisan training program run by American University’s Women & Politics Institute to increase the number of women working in politics and running for office. One Saturday a month, we attend workshops on campaigns, communications, professional development, fundraising, and public policy. Each of us applied to the program to learn what it takes to be a political leader, and in just three sessions so far, we’ve learned more than we ever could have anticipated.

Why I Applied to WeLead
I’m a second-generation Filipino woman. I’ve witnessed, first-hand how inadequate economic policies can break the firm institution of family. I’ve experienced how poor education policies jumbled with inadequate economic policies have destroyed the hope of our youth. And I’ve felt the deep repercussions of the war on a woman’s right to choose as a Planned Parenthood patient and supporter. My experiences and the voices of my Asian Pacific Islander (API) community are the driving factors in why I’ve worked hard to make sure I have the skills to be a better organizer and advocate. My hope is that the women of my generation will change the standards and culture of politics.

My Ask
Participation in WeLEAD is free of charge for accepted applicants. In order to continue the program, the class of 2013-2014 is raising money to ensure that another group of aspiring women can benefit from the program. Our hope is to raise $7,000 by January 24, 2014.

If you believe that promoting and engaging women leaders will make our country better, please donate. Whether it’s a big or small contribution, your financial support will sustain this program and move women’s political leadership on an upward trajectory.

Donate $20, $25, $50, $100, or more to WeLead today.
**Add my name, ‘Edil De Los Reyes’, in the optional message section.**

To make it a bit exciting, for every $100 I raise, I will post a video of me singing. Yes, you read that right. I haven’t sang in public in a long time (unless you want to count karaoke one summer). But I’m putting myself out there in hopes that it will motivate my friends and family to support this great program. That is how much WeLead means to me. (Email me, mari.delosreyes@gmail.com, your confirmation email so I can track donations in real-time.)

Thank you in advance for your support. XOXO.

‘Til the next time,

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