My Funny Valentine

Hi guys!

I’ve passed the next $100 mark!!! Yay! PLUS I’m just $30 shy from the next $100. Whoo hoo. Happy dance time.

A special thank you to my friends and family who have donated so far. Your support means a lot to me, and it’ll sustain the WeLead program for the next generation of WeLeaders. I believe it is important for bright women to have programs like WeLead to further their aspirational goals, and I am beyond grateful that my friends and family believe so, too.

Like I promised, for every $100 I raise, I’ll post a new video. And so, here’s my second video/song – ‘My Funny Valentine’. I’ve always been in awe of Jazz vocalists: their keen ability to mimic sounds of instruments, as well as the sultriness and warmth of their voices. I can only hope for an ounce of their talent. ^_^

I hope you enjoy this video. You’ll also find one of my Christmas presents from my own funny valentine make his debut. (Anyone in love with the Minions?)

If you want to see more songs from me, please donate to WeLead today. Don’t forget to add my name, Edil De Los Reyes, in the optional message section AND to email your confirmation email to so I can track donations in real-time.

Thank you again for your support, and Happy New Year!!!

‘Til the next time,