My Brilliant Birthday

Each year I have problems planning my birthday. Problems because I don’t know what to do, I don’t know who will be around, and I don’t like feeling old.

I’m also cursed to have my birthday lie the week after Thanksgiving. Especially if Thanksgiving falls later in the month, like this year. So, I figured most people will be swamped with work my birthday week which led me to the idea of having something small like a happy hour. Simple enough, low maintenance (like me), and doable for everyone.

What I didn’t count on though was D having 9 days off. Yup, D had 9 days off from the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to the Wednesday after my birthday. Talk about AWESOME. On top of that J.R., my brother, and Abby, his girlfriend, came to visit me too!!!

So recap. The LOML has 9 days off AND my sibling comes to town ALL in time to celebrate my brilliant birthday. Of all the gifts this year, that was the BEST one yet. Because for that week, I was surrounded by the ones I loved the most.

‘Til the next time,

Birthday Highlights

  • Visit to Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement, & Historic Jamestowne – If you want accuracy, go to the Historic Jamestowne NPS site. If you want more child-friendly, then go to the Jamestown Settlement living-museum site.
  • Dinner at Las Canteras – Wonderful Peruvian restaurant in Adams Morgan that I happen to take ANY out-of-town visitor to.
  • Christmas Time at Mount Vernon – D and I have been annual pass holders for 3 years now. Enough said.
  • Seafood Dinner courtesy of Maine Avenue Fish Market – Abby and JR talked about seafood, so why not take them to Maine Avenue and pick up our own seafood feast. It was delicious!
  • Birthday Brunch at Open City – Open City is my favorite brunch spot in this town.
  • Wine Tasting at Paradise Springs Winery
  • Brilliant Birthday Happy Hour at Local 16

**Photo credits to Miss Abigail Crain and Miss Ivone Gonzalez**