A Vegas Wedding

Let me tell you, my friend Crystal is AMAZING. I love her (like totally love her) and deeply cherish our friendship – which is filled with milk tea, lavender bacon ice cream, and a Korean bbq obsession. When Hung told me he was going to propose to her at his nursing school graduation, I was beyond ecstatic for the both of them AND could not wait for their wedding. We’ve known both of them for only a few years, but D and I would have such a dull life without them.

They’re funny. Not normal funny. But extraordinarily funny. They’re also caring. Not normal caring. But extraordinarily caring. When I have my shitty days, Crystal is there to pick me up. When I’m in need of a laugh, Hung says something stupidly funny. They are THE BESTEST EVER. (Imagine me saying that in my best Agnes voice). Even when they are fighting zombies, they are the cutest pair.

A few weeks ago, D and I were blessed to witness, among some of their closest friends, Crystal and Hung’s happy union. Every piece of the celebration – from pre-wedding celebration with a taco party to Elvis Presley officiating the wedding to the temporary tattoos at the reception to Hung singing “Grow Old with You” and making Crystal shed tears – was totally them. Their personalities definitely shined throughout the entire week. It was filled with so much love, laughter, friendships, and joy. I never wanted to leave.

It was then that I realized, even more so than before, that I am happiest when I’m on the West Coast. That’s because my family is there, my friends are there, and my happiness is there. I can’t wait until the day D & I are back on West Coast soil. Until then, here are some photos from an amazing week in Vegas celebrating our awesome friends’ nuptials.

Cheers to the newlyweds! Wishing them years of happiness. <3 <3 <3 'Til the next time. - E Wedding Highlights

  • BURGR – I’d go again just for my creme brulee oreo shake. Nom nom nom.
  • Roos-n-More – For $20 you get to pet exotic animals and learn about them. Definitely a place I’d go back to for sure.
  • The Wedding – So many highlights. The goodie bags had Heisenberg meth (really it was flavored candy). Elvis officiated the wedding. Hung sang Crystal a song. People were going crazy with the photobooth machine. The wedding was just so damn good.
  • The Jacksons – D & I went back in time (to our 80s-90s days) at Planet Hollywood with The Jacksons.
  • My Parents – They came to Vegas so we could hang out! They are super cute. We took them to see a Beatles tribute show. They absolutely loved it.