Mom’s Visit to the District

My mom recently visited me for two weeks in May. I know, some folks think two weeks is a really, really, long time. But it went by like a flash and we had fun sightseeing and eating.

Parents have that weird sixth sense that some thing’s not right with their child. Whether it’s knowing that they are sick or feeling unwell, or knowing that they are going through an internal struggle and need some cheering up. I have a hunch that’s why my mom decided to take two weeks!

My internal struggle has been trying to figure out my next move professionally, and whether or not my heart is still in “it”. After talking about it with friends and much wiser colleagues, I’ve learned that this internal struggle happens to everyone, and that regardless of the outcome, taking a break to recharge is always a good thing.

Check out the photos of what my mom and I did for two weeks to recharge and reboot.

‘Til the next time.
– E

Highlights of Mom’s Visit

  • Visit to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center – We had a great time checking out the space shuttle and viewing airplanes from the observation deck. (When I was a toddler, I would love it when my mom would take me to watch the airplanes land at Ontario Airport.) /li>
  • Food trucks at McPherson Square – My family loves food. I took my mom to the little Korean food truck on K Street, and she LOVED it.
  • Lots of Eating – Mom made some amazing meals. We had lengua tacos, sisig, diniguan, ginataan, crab, pancit, etc. You name it.
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon – My mom’s seen much of the sites within the District, but I knew she would love Mount Vernon. Her favorite part – the plethora of flowers. We also had my friend Chagan join us!
  • Wine Tasting at Paradise Springs Winery – Mom has never really done a wine tasting in her life, so I can proudly say that I popped her wine tasting cherry. I can also proudly say I popped Chagan’s wine tasting cherry. Hehe. After our tasting, we had a picnic on the winery grounds.
  • Trip to Baltimore, MD – First stop was Blue Moon Cafe in Fell’s Point. Mom ordered their famous Cap’n Crunch French Toast. SO YUMMY. Second stop was Fort McHenry – the famous fort where Francis Scott Key wrote the nation’s anthem. Third stop was Inner Harbor for a cruise and more sight-seeing.
  • Confirmation at Holy Trinity – Mom was also in town to celebrate my Confirmation!!! As she jokingly said, “You’re now a full Catholic.”