It’s Spring!

Finally!!! It’s Spring. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s finally here. Winter was a doozy. Long, cold, snowy, annoying. All of that angst. But today, oh, today is a beautiful day. However, with Winter finally saying its good-byes to us men and women of middle earth, I’ve fallen into a cooking rut. Yes, you read that correctly – a cooking rut. In the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed recipes like faux pho, chili, tarragon chicken, grilled teriyaki salmon, Tuscan beef stew, pulled BBQ pork, pozole, etc. All of these recipes were great for the Fall and Winter, but with Spring here I feel like I have to up the ante. You know, do a little spring cleaning to my food rotation.

A few weeks ago, I asked my friends on Facebook to share dinner suggestions with me. The response was great. Some ideas I loved. Some ideas I put to the side. But the point is, I picked one of their suggestions and went with it. I posted my lovely dish on Instagram and thanked them for their suggestions. When I thought about it today, I realized that it would be an AWESOME idea to do this for all of Spring!

So I’m reaching out to you – yes, you – to help me decide what I should cook for dinner. What I decide to eat is in your hands. (I hope that I’m not going to regret that later.) Each Friday, I’ll recap what I decided to make and share photos with you. I’ll also tell you what I thought of the dish and whether or not I’ll keep it in my rotation. Sounds good? Personally, I think it sounds great!

With that, let’s get on with it. It’s Spring and I’m hungry. So, what should I cook for dinner???

‘Til the next time.