Cherry Blossoms 2015

Quick update: I’m on day 5 of my Whole 30. The first few days were rough… I was scrambling to figure out a meal plan for the week, but I think I have a handle on things now. With D’s schedule, I eat dinner alone most nights. So I’ve been making the leftovers his lunch for the next day. It’s working well so far. Additionally, I’ve been making enough food to feed a family of four for one meal sitting. Again enough to make leftovers for D’s lunch but also leftovers for my lunch or dinner for the next few days. I’ll be back to meal planning after this post but first…

… cherry blossoms!!!

For Christmas, D bought me a new 18-55mm lens for my Pentax K-5 camera. I’ve dubbed it (thanks to my gal-pal, Crystal) my ‘zoomy’ lens. Last week I took it out for a round of shots. What I came back with were some pretty awesome photos (for a newb)!!! Here are a few of the photos I took last week at peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. I also sneaked in some photos of D and tulips, since they are my favorites. ^_^

‘Til the next time.
– E