Eat ALL things, NOW!

Today marks my 13th day on my first ever Whole 30. I’m almost there – 17 more days until I can re-introduce the “bad” foods. However, today, I feel like a hunger monster. Last night I dreamt about eating gobs and gobs of chocolates. This morning I wanted pancakes, french toast, and strawberry nutella crepes… To fight off the temptation to cheat and dive into my non-compliant cupboard, I’ve been viciously eating apples and almond butter. ALL DAY LONG.

Honestly, I thought after my 10th day, I’d be fine. I thought my struggle was over after I left my second shopping trip with a grin on my face (and not leaving with any treats). But today!!! Oh, today I really want cream in my coffee with sugar. I really want cheese on my nachos (with actual chips and not plantain chips). I really want a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio Ice Cream… I just want to eat ALL things, NOW!


Oh my, I promise I’m not this hangry. In fact, I know I’m not even hungry. My body signals tell me I’m full, but my taste buds are angry and want something sweet, salty, tart, and everything in between. The book – It Starts With Food – says it’ll be a struggle until around day 16, when apparently I’ll have tiger blood. (I already know I have tiger blood in me. It’s from my Asian Tiger Mom.) But this struggle bus is annoying and disappointing. Again, I just want to eat ALL things, NOW!

Anyone else finished a Whole 30 and know about my feels right now??? I hope it goes away before day 16, or else all of the apples in the grocery store will be eaten by me.

‘Til the next time.
– E