Great Falls Park

D and I recently took a few day trips out of DC. You know, get out of town to clear the mind and do something good for the soul. One of the last times, we ventured out to Great Falls Park in Virginia. And you guys, it’s gorgeous out there!

**I should preface that the day trips have become more frequent as of late because we’re subconsciously, and more likely consciously, believing this next year will be our last in the District. (Hopefully.) I guess we came to the realization that time has flown by and the life changes our families have experienced with us here has effected our outlook on permanently residing in D.C. Both of our families have lost loved ones, each person we wish we could have spent more time with. Our families have also gotten bigger. With the arrivals of little ones and the arrivals of newly emigrated members, we’ve seen how much joy and laughter we’re missing out on. In essence, what used to feel like an amazing adventure to test out the waters and become full-fledged adults (yes, I like to adult), has lost it’s luster. That’s not to say this adventure hasn’t been filled with joy and laughter. In fact, I’m of the mind that sometimes you have to follow a road to understand where you have been. D and I have taken that road, lived on that road, and finally understand that there is indeed, no place like home.**

I’m pretty lucky and blessed to have a job like mine. I work remotely for a pretty awesome organization and I work on a timeline that fits my schedule. Sometimes when Derek is off on a Thursday or a Friday, I’m blessed to be able to pack my phone and my iPad and go out on mini-adventures with the LOML. I can take phone calls on the road, write emails between here and there, and sometimes take a 30 minute rest to research something on my iPad. Again, lucky and blessed.

This random trip to Great Falls Park was brought to us by another Thursday Derek was fortunate to have the day off. We took a Zipcar for the day and got in touch with nature. It’s not a far trip – probably a 30 minute drive from where we live. I’ve always been amazed at how DC – a major metropolitan city – has so much green surrounding it. It’s a good balance of urban life and nature.

The park has one main trail that a bulk of visitors take. That trail has a few overlook points to the falls, perfect for photography. Lots of people climb the rocks and find little seating spots to relax and take in the natural beauty of it all. Dogs are allowed, BUT there are no trash cans. It’s a trash free park – so each visitor needs to take their trash with them. Lots of complaining from people who don’t agree with the trash policy, but it’s not that bad, especially if you’ve visited other national parks with the same policy. (Oh, and if you get lost from the trail, just look for green markers. Trees, rocks, wooden posts, all marked with green paint. Find those guys, and it’ll take you back to the trail!)

I told D I’d like to go again in the spring to see the park come alive with new growth. By far fall and spring are my favorite seasons here, and I’d love the opportunity to take some photos of the park in both seasons.

Have you visited Great Falls Park? When’s your favorite time to go? Let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for our next trip there.

‘Til the next time.
– E