I started listening podcasts recently. Mainly because everyone keeps pestering me to listen to Serial. (I still have not gone down that path.) While I was perusing the podcasts available on my iPhone, I came across this TED Talk and found it to be completely true for me. In short, I get bored. I get extremely bored! Bored with work, bored with hobbies, bored with TV… I often wonder if there are other things out there I can do and pursue. Particularly in my professional life, I spend far too much time 1) dreaming up of what else is out there, 2) attempting to do them, 3) exceeding, then 4) falling back to being bored. Why is that???

After watching this video, I’m starting to understand. Maybe I’m not supposed to pick just one thing I’m good at… Maybe I’m one of the few that gets to do multiple things. And maybe forcing myself to choose just one is the root to the emptiness I feel. Just maybe I’m one of the multipotentialites.

Yeah, I’m a multipotentialite.

‘Til the next time.
– E