I eat. I cook. I travel.

And then I repeat.

Experience this 20-something year old’s life as a Filipina-American millennial, D.C. implant, CA native, and social justice advocate through the lenses of my camera (and iPhone).

Cherry Blossom Season

I really like being able to experience seasons. Back in California we got a dry season and a rainy season. Pretty much all we ever get. But living in DC I’ve been able to watch the leaves turn bright yellow and red, the first snowflake… Read More »Cherry Blossom Season

D’s Dirty 30

I’ve know D since he was 9 years old. We both were goofy looking, with huge glasses, and awkward gaps in our mouths. Fast forward 21 years and D’s my partner in crime. We’ve also outgrown our goofy looks, huge glasses, and awkward gaps in… Read More »D’s Dirty 30

Bahama mama

I wish I was sipping on one right now. Ah, a delicious Bahama mama. A few weeks ago I posted about our recent decision to visit the Bahamas in January. It was a bit spontaneous considering we didn’t officially know we were going until a… Read More »Bahama mama

Great Falls Park

D and I recently took a few day trips out of DC. You know, get out of town to clear the mind and do something good for the soul. One of the last times, we ventured out to Great Falls Park in Virginia. And you… Read More »Great Falls Park

Another Vegas Trip

Hey friends and fam. If you were following me on instagram (@mari_delosreyes), you may have noticed that I was in Vegas… AGAIN!!! D and I were in Vegas last weekend to celebrate a friend’s Dirty Thirty. We went club hopping, saw LOVE, ate some pizza,… Read More »Another Vegas Trip

Clean Eating

One of my coworkers the other day asked me what was for dinner. I laughed and shrugged at her. For almost a year, I’ve been using Instagram to post photos of my food. More precisely, my dinner. My infamous line, “It’s what’s for #dinner” has… Read More »Clean Eating

Moment in Time

D and I have been together for what some folks might call, a REALLY long time. We’re constantly being asked when we’ll settle down, have some kids, maybe raise a dog or two, and live in a nice home with a picket white fence. And… Read More »Moment in Time

Jamestowne in May

Derek’s parents were in town this past week and it was their first time visiting us since we moved here to D.C. Wanting to give them the best of the best time here, we crammed a lot of sightseeing into their 8 days with us.… Read More »Jamestowne in May